For cutting edge over others in current competitive world, quality and cost of the product play a major role. Unless cost quality ratio is optimized, it is very difficult to attain targeted financial goals.

In current scenario, business running cost has emerged as the key factor that needs to be kept low all the time. The businesses that are able to do this are making good profits.

India is the country, where resources including technical manpower are available at rock bottom prices. Its foreign policies have also become quite liberal in past few years. With the advent of Internet, communication cost has really lowered down in past many years. Due to all these facts, India has emerged as technical hub for all IT related tasks.

Tasks that require heavy expenditure in other countries are now being done at very nominal cost in India. This is the reason why business people, all across the globe, are shifting their focus to India. They are getting their regular work done in India for more profits.

To lower down business expenditure and maximize your profits, take advantage of the current global scenario and get your regular rudimentary work done in India while remaining crucial and creative tasks can be done in your own country, under your local guidance.

We at BISPL are highly qualified and experienced people. We are located at very strategic location, in a city called Lucknow (UP).

Lucknow has following advantages:

  • Lucknow is state capital of UP. All required resources are easily available here.
  • It has a more than 50 engineering and management colleges. Thus technical manpower is readily available here.
  • It is very close to India's capital Delhi and is well connected to it by frequently available flights and trains.
  • Cost of living is not very high in Lucknow, as compared to other major cities of India. Thus good manpower becomes available at very affordable price.
  • Business running cost is low in Lucknow, as compared to other cities. Thus Lucknow based organizations can afford to do the projects at lower prices than others.

Take advantage of present global scenario. Get your regular work done at rock bottom price with us and enhance your business profits.

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