Our Applications

We have many ready made software solutions for wide variety of businesses. These applications are mainly designed to add new functionality to the business and enhance the productivity and profitability.

These applications are highly interactive and can customize for any type of business environment by just defining few parameters, externally.

All applications can either be integrated with existing website to provide extra functionality to the site or can be acquired as cloud based services to automate manual operations at very nominal cost.

Following are few globally famous applications:


i-Seek: It is basically Internet based appointment scheduler. It has been designed and developed for the service providers, who meet their clients through prior appointments.

Using this software, professionals can create their daily time schedules and display their availability on the website. On the basis of their preferences, clients can book appointments, online.

This software enables better time management and cuts down operational costs.


i-Desk: It is Internet based Help Desk system. It is designed for streamlining after sales support activities of the organizations and creating efficient working environment.

Using this software, clients can register their grievances into the system and create complaint-tickets. In response to the tickets, technicians can accept the tickets, address to the problems and resolve the issues.

This software also gives enough control to the administrators to observe, analyze and control the work flow for improving efficiency and enhancing quality of services.

This software fixes responsibility and accountability of service staff and helps in cutting down operational cost for improved services.


i-Tailor: It is web based order system, designed for tailors, who are into mail order business. Using this software, tailors can create orders into the system, including personal details, measurements, items to be stitched, fabric details etc. and the photos of the clients. Orders can then be sent to remote stitching location through web and their progress can be tracked for control and communication to the clients.

This software helps in expanding geographical boundaries of current business operations and adds new dimensions to the business activities.

Using this software tailors can also start franchise operations and establish their brand network all across the globe.


i-Mail Campaigner: It is e-mail marketing program, using which you can design marketing campaigns and reach out to the clients and prospects in most effective manner so that they keep coming back to you in future.

Contact list can be very easily created, using i-Mail Campaigner and utilized for sending marketing campaigns to the desired segment of the clients.

Sent out campaigns are continuously tracked by i-Mail Campaigner and clients’ responses are automatically stored in the database in the form of statistical data.

As and when required, statistical data is retrieved from the database and presented in the form of MIS reports, graphs and charts.

This software enables you to make your marketing campaign cost effective and responsive. You can easily boost your business, using this application.

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