Hindi Operations

BISPL designs and develops products and services, in Indian national language, Hindi. In fact Hindi is one of our major strengths. It has given us an exclusive edge over others.

We were the first organization to establish a large network of computer education centers, where computer education, including books, examination support and other services were provided in Hindi.

Our education services in Hindi and the keen desire to work at grass root level enabled us to reach the masses. In very short span of time our Hindi products and services become popular among common people and our presence become visible even in smaller cities of India.

We have series of computer books in Hindi. These books are quite famous in government offices, in Hindi medium schools and colleges and among ladies and old people, who mostly talk in Hindi.

Our Hindi operations include activities like:

  • Providing full support for establishing computer education centers, where class lectures are given in Hindi, lab instructions are provided in Hindi and course material is also given to each student, in Hindi.
  • Writing computer books for schools and colleges in Hindi.
  • Developing web sites in Hindi.
  • Making computer based presentations in Hindi.

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