Remote Infrastructure Management

Tremendous growth in business data, over past many years, has made IT infrastructures more complex and complicated. To ensure their availability and efficiency, infrastructures need to be monitored continuously. In today's competitive world, their down time and delay in corrective directly results into business loss.

We at BISPL, provide various types of monitoring services for the purpose of timely fault recognition, fast corrective actions and minimum down time for all associated services.

We have expert team for establishing different types of communication channels between us and client's IT infrastructure for performing remote monitoring activities. We expertise in remotely monitoring:

  • Disaster Recovery replication technologies.
  • Hardware and software components of IT infrastructure and its ongoing services.
  • Tangible environmental parameters of IT infrastructure.
  • Networks, their components and performances.
  • Regularly scheduled backup and restore activities.
  • Alerts, SMSs and e-mails


Our remote monitoring activities are supported by daily, weekly and monthly summary reports and regular net meetings with distantly located clients.

Our indigenously developed monitoring mechanisms and methodology ensures better results. Our expertise, experience and ability to provide services 24 x 7 makes us different from others.

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